Dave Leduc has posted a message of support for people in Myanmar. The Canadian has not set foot in the country since the military coup but it is clearly not far from his thoughts.

Leduc was restively unknown before moving to Myanmar and establishing himself as one of the best Lethwei fighters in the world. He now has a huge online following and the vast majority of his fans appear to be Burmese.


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Civil war

Myanmar has been in a state of serious unrest ever since power was seized in a military coup in 2021. The junta is deeply unpopular with the people and at first protests were taking place on a daily basis.

The junta cracked down hard on the protesters and the country is now in the midst of a civil war with the opposition controlling large swathes of territory while the military rules in all the main population centres. Leduc has been an outspoken critic of the coup and would face arrest if he returned to Myanmar.

But he wants people there to know they are in his thoughts,

I miss Myanmar. I try to help the people and gyms as much as possible right now (by) sending money during these atrocious times. Villages burnt, wells poisoned, protesters shot, rights violated, people arrested and killed.


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Former opponent

Among the people arrested and killed was Too Too. The Lethwei veteran faced Leduc in 2016 on the Canadian’s first ever fight competing under the sport’s unique ruleset.

That match ended in a draw and Leduc paid tribute to Too Too in his Instagram post,

Even my former opponent Too Too, the one who welcomed me into Lethwei for my first fight, was just announced dead it’s a very dark time for the country.

Leduc wanted people in Myanmar to know that even though he couldn’t return to the country he would continue to promote Lethwei fights and try and raise awareness of a combat sport which remains relatively obscure,

Now that the country is in turmoil, the best I can do is continue to showcase the beautiful and badass art of Lethwei to the world by hosting Lethwei fights in my promotion.

Leduc’s Marshall Fighting Championship has put on two events to date. They both took place in Slovakia and featured Lethwei fights inside a cage.