Deep has announced it will be putting in a 16 man flyweight Grand Prix. The first four fights will take place at Deep 109 on August 21st with the other four being held the following month.

The matchups have all been confirmed although the identity of one fighter remains a mystery. The first four fights feature a former Deep strawweight champion and a former flyweight King of Pancrase.

At the New Pier Hall on August 21st the first round gets underway. Haruo Ochi (21-10-2) who held the promotion’s 115lbs strap from 2017 until 2020 has been matched with Ryosuke Honda (8-2-1) who won a Shooto flyweight tournament in 2017.

Former flyweight King of Pancrase Toru Ogawa (14-9) has been matched with the experienced Tomohiro Adaniya (16-16-3). Meanwhile Deep veteran Yuki Ito (11-3) takes on Kotetsu Hara (2-3)

The final fight set for Deep 109 features the only non Japanese participant. Kazuki Shibuya (8-10-1) takes on Jae Woong Byun (2-2).

Mystery opponent

On September 11th at Deep Tokyo Impact the remaining matchups will take place. Former Shooto flyweight champion Ryuya Fukuda (16-7-1) takes on Kohei Sugiyama (12-6).

Yutaro Muramoto (9-6-2) has been matched with Fuga Izawa (4-3) who has already win three fights for Deep this year. Takashi Matsuba (12-5-1) is booked to take on Takahiro Komakine (11-4).

Meanwhile Chikara Shimabukuro (15-17-6) will be the oldest fighter in the tournament. The identity of the 41 year old’s opponent in the opening round remains a mystery.

Big opportunity

The matchups were chosen at random with the 15 fighters selecting envelopes. Missing out on the tournament are Yamato Fujita and Yuya Shibata with both fighters currently injured.

With Rizin yet to introduce a 125lbs title this looks like the biggest opportunity the country currently has to offer for flyweights. The eventual winner will pocket 3 million yen (22,000 USD) in prize money and must surely be destined for bigger and better things.

Deep flyweight tournament
Haruo Ochi vs. Ryosuke Honda
Toru Ogawa vs. Tomohiro Adaniya
Yuki Ito vs. Kotetsu Hara
Kazuki Shibuya vs. Jae Woong Byun
Ryuya Fukuda vs. Kohei Sugiyama
Yutaro Muramoto vs. Fuga Izawa
Takashi Matsuba vs. Takahiro Komakine
Chikara Shimabukuro vs. TBA