The Liver King has issued a full and frank confession. A couple of days ago he came out and admitted that he is using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), having repeatedly denied it in the past.

The confessional followed a leaked email which listed the PEDs he was taking. DJ isn’t the only figure from the mixed martial arts community to have responded with scepticism with Eddie Alvarez having already voiced his suspicions about the Liver King’s physique.

Johnson shared the Liver King’s confessional along with his reaction to it:

Caught out

Johnson does not see a major issue with the Liver King’s use of steroids, the problem in the mind of the ONE Championship flyweight king is that the 45 year old lied about it,

“Steroids only get a bad rap when its part of a sport. You want to be on an even playing field and if I’m a clean athlete and my opponent isn’t, he is on steroids that is considered cheating,” he explained.

Johnson thinks that because the Liver King is not competing against anyone the general public would have been acceptant of his steroid use if he had been up front about it,

“Obviously the Liver King doesn’t do any sport. He’s just a buff guy who is trying to spread his lifestyle. I think if he had come out and said ‘yes I’m on steroids but I work out 19 hours a day’ I think the public would have swallowed it up.”


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Next up

Next up for Johnson is a trilogy bout against Adriano Moraes. The two men will face off in Colorado on May 5th at ONE on Prime Video 10.

It will be the promotion’s first ever fight card in the US and it is fitting that one of the greatest American mixed martial artists of all time should be headlining. Johnson has been getting drug tested throughout his career with ONE Championship introducing checks earlier this year.

He has always passed those tests with flying colours and can legitimately claim to be a clean, natural athlete. Which is more than can be said for the Liver King!