The MMA game is like no other. Two men can battle inside a cage for 25 minutes but still come out of it on good terms. Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo were fierce rivals in the octagon but have subsequently become friends and training partners.

Cejudo is currently coaching at Fight Ready in Albuquerque while Johnson is preparing to rematch Adriano Moraes at ONE 161. The two former UFC flyweight champions have been reunited at the facility,

“We’re ‘frenemies’. Me and Henry have always had respect between one another even though we fought twice 1-1, so why not share knowledge and get some work in at a beautiful facility at Fight Ready. I have a house out here (so) it only makes sense,” explained Johnson in an interview with The Schmo.


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Very good

Johnson is based in Seattle but has is using his house in Arizona as a base in order to prepare for a rematch that will have Moraes’ ONE Championship flyweight title on the line. He thinks people forgot how good Cejudo was and says he is learning a lot from the former UFC 125lbs and 135lbs king,

“My and Henry we’ve fought twice. Me and him are kind of in the same boat. We’re both shorter guys. When he fought Dominick Cruz – a guy who likes run, and do a lot of movement I felt he really handled covering distance very well and honestly he’s very good. A lot of people don’t give him a lot of respect for what he’s achieved in MMA because of the cringe or whatever, but he’s really fu**ing good. So for me, whether it’s developing my skills or just getting work in, I don’t see why not,” he said.


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No complaints

Johnson was effectively finished by a shot that wouldn’t be legal under the rules which the UFC uses in his first fight with Moraes. He ate a knee to the head while grounded but has absolutely no complaints.

Despite ending up on the wrong side of proceedings on that occasion Johnson is a fan of the ruleset,

“Why they have that is just to keep the fight going. No stalling. Keeping (it) going and being active. It’s the rules. It is what it is!”

Cejudo has coached UFC stars like Weili Zhang and The Korean Zombie. He will have to make adjustments for the different ruleset but will be hoping to help his former rival become the first fighter to ever win titles with both ONE Championship and the UFC.