Mohammed Jaraya will not be fighting at Rise World Series this weekend. The Dubai based fighter announced he had been unable to get a visa in time.

That could be because he left it to the last minute to apply. But it could also be because he has been charged with drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and money laundering in the Netherlands and is currently on bail.

Jaraya announced on Instagram that he had been forced to withdraw from his fight with Kaito Ono this weekend because,

“It has been only two weeks since I accepted the fight so my visa wasn’t ready.”


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Surprise inclusion

It came as a massive surprise when Jaraya’s name appeared on the fight card for Rise World Series because he was arrested on January 21st this year and remained in custody until September. Prosecutors in July described him as a ‘major player’ in a conspiracy to import large amounts of cocaine into the country.

Normally when bail is granted there are a number of restrictions. Travelling halfway around the world to compete in a kickboxing bout is not something a person awaiting trial on serious offences would typically be allowed to do.

Jaraya is no stranger to the courtroom.  In 2018 he received a two month suspended sentence an 14o hours of community service for his role in two incidents.

The first occurred in an actual courtroom when Jaraya was part of a mob which attacked a murder suspect. The second came at a party when the 31 year old assaulted three people.


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Dual nationality

Jaraya also has Morrocan nationality which might explain how he is still able to travel. Earlier this year told a judge in the Netherlands that his kickboxing career had ‘gone out like a candle’ after his arrest.

Jaraya still seems determined to train and compete but appears to be facing travel issues as well as legal issues. He won’t be on this weekend’s Rise card and has been replaced by James Conde.

He was booked to compete at Glory 83 in February but that fight fell through after he was arrested. Jaraya has not competed since 2019 and makes it clear he wants to return to the ring,

“This is a big disappointment because I was looking forwards to making my comeback.”

According to Dutch prosecutors there were messages on Jaraya’s phone about cutting cocaine with paracetamol and nearly beating a man to death. Meanwhile his wait to compete against an opponent in an actual kickboxing fight continues.