In 2006 Manny Pacquiao told a court in the Philippines that there was no proof he was Erman Bacosa’s father. But the boxer seems to have warmed to that role with the 19 year old now training at his gym in General Santos City and competing on his cards.

Bacosa made his pro boxing debut on a card put on by MP promotions last month. He fought to a slightly fortuitous majority draw against a more experienced opponent and will be competing on another of these events in December.

Bacosa’s appearance, wearing Pacquiao branded clothing and cornered by Pacquiao’s team made headlines. It seemed that the boxer turned politician was tacitly acknowledging that the teenager was his son.

Court case

Pacquiao met Bacosa’s mother in a pool hall in Manila in 2003 according to a court affidavit she filed. He was the reigning IBF super bantamweight champion and a rising star in the world of boxing.

In court she claimed that Pacquiao had been financially supporting her but abruptly cut off the payments after moving to the US. The boxer won the case, with the court finding that their was no proof he was the boy’s father.

In 2003 Pacquiao would really put himself on the boxing map by beating Marco Antonio Barrera in the US. He would go on to beat Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales in fights that have become legendary to long term fans of the sport.


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Pacquiao clan

He is happily married and has five children with his wife, Jinkee. It seems that the extended Pacquiao clan might be even bigger with Bacosa being born outside of wedlock.

While Pacquiao has not publicly acknowledged that Bacosa is his illegitimate son people will see his name on the fight card and draw their own conclusions. He is set to make his second appearance in the ring this December on a card promoted by his father.

Bacosa would be the first of Pacquiao’s children to compete professionally in boxing.  Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr is training at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles and has had several amateur bouts.

On December 16th Bacosa (0-0-1) will go in search of his maiden win when he faces Noel Pangantao (0-1). The 135lbs fight is being billed as a ‘special attraction bout’ and fans will be looking to see whether he has improved since drawing his debut.