Undefeated UFC star Farid Basharat is not afraid to use his platform to share political views. The Afghan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, today to show his support for the people of Palestine.

In a strongly worded message Basharat accused Israel of ethnic cleansing,

“If you want know somebody’s ethical values and what there (sic) character is as a human being ask them about the current situation in Palestine. I’ve seen a lot of people I know show there (sic) true colours by supporting Israel in this ethnic cleansing.”

Flag ban

The UFC has been very keen to avoid any public debate on this topic. The promotion even went as far as banning fighters from carrying flags into the octagon at a recent event in Abu Dhabi.

That ban was lifted as soon as the promotion returned to the US which demonstrates what a sensitive issue the current conflict between Palestine and Israel has become.

Basharat is not the biggest name on the UFC roster to come out in support of Palestine. Khamzat Chimaev has also been an outspoken advocate for the state:


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Passionate defence

While the Muslim world has rallied around Palestine there is also plenty of support for Israel. Ariel Helwani issued a passionate defence of the country in an Instagram video.

The world renowned MMA pundit decided to disable the comments which demonstrates just how divisive an issue it is. Helwani declared that,

“The home of the Jews is the state of Israel and I feel very passionate about the state of Israel’s right to defend itself.”


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No podcasts

Undefeated flyweight Muhammad Mokaev recently came out and declared that,

“I won’t be doing any podcasts with Ariel Helwani!”

This appears to be a response to Helwani’s robust defence of Israel. However the MMA Hour host has also been critical of Khamzat Chimaev for his relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov to this could also potentially be the factor behind Mokaev’s thinking.

Mokaev recently moved up to #10 at bantamweight and currently holds a record of 11-0-0-1. Basharat remains unranked but he is also undefeated and currently at 11-0 meaning that the words of both men will carry weight with UFC fans.

Helwani has a bigger platform than many fighters and is a very influential figure within the sport. It is an issue that has already become extremely divisive in the MMA world and Basharat has made it clear exactly which side he stands on.