Felipe Lobo is one of three fighters representing Revolution Muay Thai this week at ONE: ‘A New Breed‘ Part III. The Brazilian joins teammates Yurik Davtyan and Magnus Andersson on the card and will face Yodpanomrung Jitmuangnon.

Lobo has been in with another rising star of ONE Championship, Savvas Michael, who he fought in a Toyota Marathon tournament although that didn’t exactly turn out the way he wanted,

“I thought I won the fight because I hurt him a lot and managed to cut him in the second round, they gave him the win, but I understand the game, fighting is very unpredictable.”

Lobo is a veteran of 33 fights and has competed on MX Muay Thai Xtreme, Thai Fight and in both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. It was at the latter stadium that he faced the biggest test of his career to date,

“The opponent I had the most problems with was Sipmuen because he is a lot taller than me and knew how to use the distance. This fight was at Rajadamnern Stadium.”

Stadium star

Yodpanomrung has been a star on the Bangkok stadium scene for several years. He has Siam Omnoi, Channel 7, WPMF and Thailand titles in his collection and Lobo could be forgiven for feeling apprehensive.

But the Brazilian sounds extremely confident,

“I feel happy because I am fulfilling my dreams and that is fighting the best in my category and I’m very well trained, confident and strong. I’m going to win this fight!”

Not only is Lobo confident of causing the upset but he knows exactly how he’s going to do it,

“I think he’s got a good, strong clinch game, that he is known for. The weak point in his style is that he defends his head well, and leaves plenty of room in his body. I’m gonna let him come near me, and I’m going to make my game by attacking and hurting his legs and body.”

Steady progress

Lobo is happy with the way his career has been progressing so far in Thailand and has already set strong goals for the future, regardless of who he faces.

“At the moment I am happy, I’m in Thailand accomplishing my goals and that is to fight the best fighters in my category. My plan is to win a lot of fights on One and to eventually become the ONE champion of my category. I’m a striker, kickboxing won’t be any different to Muay Thai for me so I am happy to fight both rulesets. I don’t have a particular fighter I’d like to fight, I’ve always liked to fight the best fighters, and ONE Championship is full of them.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has given many fighters opportunities that may not have come along so quick, but also the chance for some fighters to lose focus. Lobo has used the situation to renew his focus and increase his mental fortitude,

“During the pandemic, I didn’t stop training, on the contrary, I trained more, and I also trained my mind to be calmer in difficult situations. I will be very well prepared on the night of the show, I have not stopped training since the pandemic started, I am in great shape physically and mentally I am also much stronger now, which I am sure will help me win this fight.’