Georges St-Pierre has named his own version of an MMA ‘Mount Rushmore’ with seven names instead of the usual four. GSP was asked who he would have in his line-up ahead of UFC Paris and came up with a long list.

St-Pierre showed himself to be something of a historian. The first name he came came up with was that of a legendary Brazilian who won the tournament at UFC 1 but has long since retired,

“I would put Royce Gracie because he did stuff in the beginning that nobody had ever done,” he said.

Another factor

He has also reserved a spot for Khabib Nurmagomedov who elected to walk away from the sport while at his peak and retire undefeated,

“I would put Khabib (Nurmagomedov) because he had the perfect career, undefeated. An incredible career.”

It seems like ability isn’t the only factor St Pierre is taking into consideration with his selections. He also added Conor McGregor due to the charismatic Irishman’s overall contribution to the sport,

“I would put Conor McGregor, also, because he brought the sport to a different level.”


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Pound for pound

Despite having been the sport’s pound for pound king St-Pierre does not put his own name forwards. For many years Anderson Silva was his main rival for the mantle of pound for pound king but, unlike the Canadian, he has continued to compete well past his prime.

But St-Pierre still has a spot for the Brazilian on his ‘MMA Mount Rushmore’ alongside Jon Jones and Demetrious Johnson,

“I would put Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Demetrious Johnson because of their performances,” he said.

Unable to stick to the traditional four nominations St-Pierre also put forwards the name of reigning UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes who is the only female fighter on his list,

“I will cheat because I have to put more than four. I would put Amanda Nunes already, even though she has not retired yet because she is the best female fighter that has ever lived.”

St-Pierre has stayed away from the public eye since retiring but being a native French speaker he couldn’t miss out on the UFC’s inaugural event in Paris. The former welterweight champion clearly knows the sport so who are we to argue with his nominations?