The eyes of the boxing world were on Dubai yesterday where Floyd Mayweather participated in another exhibition. But he wasn’t even the biggest star in the building, that honour goes to YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul.

He was ringside on commentary duties when Tommy Fury took on last minute replacement Rolly Lambert, who has accepted the fight earlier that day. The bout produced virtually no action and the YouTuber made his feelings entirely clear by pretending to fall asleep:

Larger than life

This did not go down particularly well with the boxer’s father, a larger than life character who was convicted of gouging a man’s eye out in a brawl. Being confronted by an angry, topless man with convictions for violence would be quite intimidating for most people but Jake Paul seemed to take it in his stride.

The 25 year old is a successful boxer in his own right and boasts a 6-0 record with the majority of his wins coming at the expense of former UFC stars. A fight between him and Tommy Fury has been in the works for some time but judging from this footage he doesn’t appear to have endeared himself to the boxer’s father:


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Lucrative trips

The angry, shirtless man in the photo is best known for being the father of undefeated boxer Tyson Fury. He is the WBC heavyweight champion of the world and will  be defending his belt against Derek Chisora next month.

Jake Paul probably won’t be calling out Tyson Fury any time soon. But Tommy Fury is about 80lbs lighter than his brother and significantly less talented although that hasn’t stopped him compiling an 8-0 pro record.

The bout with Lambert was an exhibition so won’t appear on the boxer’s record. The same goes for the main even which saw Floyd Mayweather go up against YouTuber Deji.

Mayweather is the best boxer of the century and won easily, although the YouTuber did land at least one shot as he succeeded in giving the multiple time world champion a black eye:

Regular visitor

Mayweather has been a regular visitor to Asia since retiring. He has competed in two exhibition matches in Tokyo and twice in the Middle East, appearing in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The last 15 fights of Mayweather’s professional career all took place in Las Vegas where the boxer is based. But participating in exhibitions has enabled him to travel to some new destinations and, of course, keep earning money in the process.

Mayweather reportedly earned around $25 million USD for the exhibition fight with Deji, although this figure cannot be verified and could well have been grossly inflated. His recent trips to Asia have certainly been lucrative and, once again, the boxer barely had to break a sweat in order to earn his money although the YouTuber was delighted to have given him a black eye.