Jake Paul has fired back at Tommy Fury who has accused him of being a social media star, not a boxer. The American has taken a closer look at his opponent’s undefeated record and clearly isn’t impressed.

Fury pointed out that ‘MMA fighters are not boxers’ and said that he had absolutely taken apart every single mixed martial artist he had ever sparred with. Jake Paul’s previous opponents have included Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva and Ben Askren.

Fury is no stranger to the spotlight having starred on reality TV series Love Island. But when it comes to trash talking he clearly can’t compete with Jake Paul.

There was a press conference in Saudi Arabia yesterday ahead of Sunday’s fight. Jake Paul came armed with some statistics about Fury’s previous opponents and they don’t sound good:

All or nothing

Jake Paul is so confident of victory he offered to bet his entire purse with Fury. According to reliable reports the social media star is guaranteed to make $2.3 million from the fight plus a large percentage of the pay per view profits.

Fury’s father can be heard telling the American ‘you’ve got a deal’ and they do shake hands on it. This probably isn’t legally binding and it is very unlikely they would be able to complete the paperwork on such a bet before Sunday, even if both boxers did want to do it.

But if Jake Paul wanted to get under his opponent’s skin by offering him this ‘all or nothing’ bet he will probably feel he succeeded. Fury looked visibly upset and they nearly came to blows.

Standard practise

In boxing it is standard practise for up and coming fighter to build their records at the expense of very low level opposition. This is particularly prevalent in the UK and Jake Paul shone a light on it,

The taxi drivers he’s been put in there with have a combined record of 20 wins and 250 losses. He’s never been put in with someone who wasn’t there to lose.

This makes wins over seasoned mixed martial artists like Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley look a little more impressive. So while Fury’s background might be in boxing Jake Paul feels his opponent has never been in a real fight.

Jake Paul has been the distance in eight round fights on two separate occasions. Fury has never been that far in a fight and Jake Paul believes he will expose his opponent’s lack of experience when they fight in Saudi Arabia on Sunday,

He’s never been eight rounds and he’s going to get into the deep waters and drown. I promise that.