Jake Paul’s formula for boxing success is simple. The YouTuber is just going to keep training and travelling until he reaches the very top.

At least that seems to be the message from Jake Paul to his 21.9 million Instagram followers ahead of his fight with Tommy Fury on February 26th. He has well and truly embraced the sport of boxing but faces the toughest test of his burgeoning career.


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Jet setting
It is no secret that the 26 year old leads a jet setting lifestyle. But he makes it clear in his Instagram post that it isn’t interfering with his training regime telling fans that his current lifestyle consists of:

Jet, jab, repeat.

Most boxers would be fully focussed on their training, that’s the jab part. But Jake Paul is his own promoter and needs to persuade people to purchase the pay per view which is where the jet bit comes in.

He was recently in London to face off with Fury ahead of the fight which takes place in Saudi Arabia. Being a multimillionaire gives Jake Paul options which most fighters would never have at such an early stage of their career.

He has enlisted the help of top tier trainer BJ Flores in order to help him make the step up from beating mixed martial artists to getting the better of actual boxers.


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Painstaking preparation 

Nothing is left to chance in Jake Paul’s preparations and, unlike his opponent, he does not have a history of pulling out of fights. Of course he is going up against a man whose older brother can claim to be the best heavyweight on the planet.

Being the younger brother of Tyson Fury means his opponent will not want to lose to a YouTuber. But Jake Paul has won over many of the critics with his performances inside the ring.

During the recent press conference in London Jake Paul interviews Tyson Fury who joked that,

Tommy’s going to have to change his surname if he loses.

So there is clearly a lot of pressure on Jake Paul’s opponent. But the YouTuber seems supremely confident and is clearly working hard ahead of his big fight this month.