Jake Paul and Tommy Fury went head to head for the first time ahead of their boxing match in Saudi Arabia. It was an encounter that clearly boosted the confidence of the American YouTuber.

Both men are undefeated and Fury has more boxing experience. But Jake Paul feels he has the psychological edge after going face to face with his opponent.


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Fear and insecurity 
Jake Paul told his 21 million Instagram followers that,

I saw the fear and insecurity in this boys eyes.

Fury comes from a famous boxing family and will be under a lot of pressure for an opponent who is better known for pulling pranks on YouTube than fighting. But that hasn’t stopped Jake Paul from beating some seasoned mixed martial artists during his boxing career.

The social media star is clearly talented and, unlike Fury, does not have a history of pulling out of fights or missing weight.


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Top salesman 

Jake Paul clearly knows how to sell a fight. But so far he has managed to perform every single  time he has stepped foot inside the ring.

The list of opponents the YouTuber has beaten will be very familiar to UFC fans. It includes Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

While Fury can at least lay claim to wins over actual boxers you only need to glance at the Englishman’s record to see that he hasn’t been facing the divisions’s elite. Only two of his eight wins have come against opponents with winning records.

Fury is under a lot of pressure. His older brother recently told reporters that,

It’s going to be fun, and I expect Tommy to chin him. If he doesn’t he can stay in Saudi Arabia.

Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight on the planet right now. He doesn’t need to worry about how many Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers he has because he is the heavyweight champion of the world.

His younger brother is better known as a reality TV star than a boxer. Jake Paul represents arguably the biggest test of his career and the YouTuber believes that his opponent is feeling the pressure!