Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan finished ONE Friday Fights 20 with a bang. The 21 year old knocked out Phetsukumvit Boybangna with a devastating right hand at Lumpinee Stadium.

It was Phetsukumvit who made the faster start, coming out with a combination of hard punches. Jaosuayai answered with kicks to the body of the former Rajadamnern super featherweight champion.

Phetsukumvit was pushing the pace and looked to walk Jaosuayai down while throwing punches to the body and head. His opponent circled out and was immediately tied up in the clinch.

Jaosuayai was able to seamlessly switch stance and landed a left elbow and left kick as a southpaw. He stayed in that position and stepped in to land a devastating right uppercut.

Impressive performance

Phetsukumvit beat the count but soon found himself back on the canvass as Jaosuayai swept out his standing leg and dumped him down. He got back to his feet immediately but was trapped in the corner.

Jaosuayai continued to switch stance while firing off kick and punches from all angles. Phetsukumvit appeared to have weathered the storm but his opponent returned to an orthodox stance and landed a devastating right hand which instantly finished the fight.

The fight finished at the 2:30 mark and the $50,000 USD bonus that came Jaosuayai’s way was inevitable after such an impressive performance. He looks like a fighter to watch in ONE Championship’s flyweight division.

Best of the rest

Torepchi Dongak (1-0) also picked up a $50,000 USD bonus after stopping Ivan Orekhov (3-3) in the second round. He was making his pro debut but looked extremely impressive in this all Russian flyweight fight.

ONE Friday Fights 20, Bangkok, June 9th
Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan def. Phetsukumvit Boybangna via KO (Punch) at 2:30 of R1
Theptaksin Sor Sornsing def. Yodkrisada Sor Sommai via Decision (Split)
Suablack Tor Pran49 def. Thanungern FAGroup via KO (Punch) at 2:14 of R2
Jomhod Chor Ketweena def. Puengluang Baanramba via KO (Punch) at 2:30 of R3
Rambong Sor Terapat def. Petchsuwan Boomdeksian via KO (Punch) at 0:15 of R1
Gusjung Fairtex vs. Nongnook Mor Kor Chor Chaiyaphum ended in a No Contest (accidental eye poke)
Yod-IQ PKSaenchaigym def. Mavlud Tupiev via Decision (Unanimous)
Victor Texeira def. Kongthailand Kiatnavy via KO (Punch) at 2:46 of R2
Jaising Sitnayokpunsak def. Zhang Jinhu via KO (Head kick) at 0:34 of R1
Saenphon Sor Sommai def. Gökhan Boran via Decision (Unanimous)
MMA: Constantin Mărărescu vs. Bartosz Skrok via No Contest (Illegal knee) at 3:06 of R2
MMA: Torepchi Dongak def. Ivan Orekhov via TKO (Corner stoppage) at 3:16 of R2