Jarred Brooks knows his Asian MMA history. During the Pride era Kazushi Sakuraba became known as ‘The Gracie Killer’ after beating Royler Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie and Royce Gracie.

We are in a new era and the American wants to be known as the ‘Team Lakay Killer’! Brooks explained why in a video posted on his official Twitter account just now:

Championship echelons

Brooks beat Team Lakay representative Lito Adiwang last week and  wants a shot at strawweight champion Joshua Pacio next,

“I think that keeping the momentum up with Team Lakay and I is a big thing. I don’t want to be the Sakuraba of the Gracies to Team Lakay but right now they are running ONE and I think that in order for me to get what I need in this sport I need to run them over.”

Pacio is a teammate and training partner of Brooks and Brooks explains why he thinks that is the fight to make,

“I got a big old medal but unfortunately in this sport medals don’t count so I’m trying to slingshot my way into championship echelons which starts out with Josh Pacio. I think Josh Pacio would be a great fight for me right now especially with a win against his team mate and I know he wants to get some type of revenge but he’s the champion.”

Jarred Brooks takedown

Touching distance

The rankings haven’t been updated since Brooks’ win over Adiwang. But the Filipino was ranked #5 so the UFC and Rizin veteran can expect to replace him in the top five.

That would put him within touching distance of a title shot and he doesn’t want to wait,

“I think we would have a great build up to that fight as well. Josh Pacio is really in my head right now, who I want to fight.”

He talks about a few of the other contenders including Hiroba Minowa. But Brooks is so confident he would beat them all that he thinks he should be handed the title shot immediately,

“I think I would beat all of the top five right now so I should just fight Josh Pacio.”