Two months have elapsed since Ji Yeon Kim’s technical decision loss to Mandy Bohm but it is fair to say that the Korean still has some hard feelings towards her opponent. She went on a lengthy Instagram rant earlier today.

The fight was stopped after Yeon landed an illegal blow and was deducted a point for the second time. It made it almost impossible for her to win on the scorecards and she thinks Bohm knew this and exaggerated the extent of her injuries.

Yeon was cut by the UFC after the loss and she clearly can’t let it go,

Hey Mandy Learn how to fight first and come back talking you lil Oscar hunting bitch, the difference between you and me is I never quit in all my 30+ professional career bouts unlike you, you have no legacy or honor you have made yourself a forever dirt bag for quitting.

Angry response

This post appears to be a response to one from Bohm which was made just minutes earlier. In it she writes, in German,

Who wants to see a rematch? It would be a pleasure for me personally.

Bohm must know that Yeon has a serious knee injury and was cut by the UFC. So it was quite a provocative thing to post and if she was looking to wind up the Korean then it certainly worked:


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Least impressive 

Even Bohm’s staunchest fans would have to concede that she won in the last impressive manner possible. The German might have walked away with the win but she won’t have won any fans with her performance at UFC on ABC 4.

The Korean clearly wanted to make sure Bohm read her angry diatribe because she tagged her in the post something which the German did not bother to do. She is clearly still extremely bitter about the events that effectively ended her UFC career,

Forget about what others think, you know it to yourself you quit that night, the knee barely touched you, it glazed off your shoulder but you knew you had to make an act to contest for a win.

Sometimes opponents in the octagon go on to become firm friends outside of the sport. We don’t think these two will be hooking up any time soon with Kim extremely unhappy about Bohm’s antics before, during and after their fight.