Ji Yeon Kim’s fouls at UFC on ABC 4 last weekend cost her a spot on the roster. She was on course to defeat Mandy Bohm by unanimous decision before being deducted two points and losing when the fight went straight to the scorecards after her second foul.

Yesterday she was removed from the UFC roster. It won’t have come as a shock to Kim, who has now lost her last five fights by decision but the most recent defeat was entirely unavoidable.

Afterwards Kim posted a lengthy statement on Instagram stories. In the last four years she has seen seven UFC fights either cancelled or postponed including one with Bohm who pulled out on event day due to a last minute illness.

Kim went into this contest with a serious injury but was determined to compete anyway,

I prepared for this fight for three months at first and another four months due to Mandy’s unilateral cancellation of the first dated match. I prepared for this fight with a completely torn ACL in my knee for a total of seven months. My knee is still in the worst condition than anyone can imagine. I just didn’t show it to the point even my corners couldn’t tell during the fight. And despite every medical staff telling me I needed surgery, and needed 7-12 months at least to recover after surgery, yet I took the fight because I wanted to put on a show for everyone.


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Oscar act

Kim accuses Bohm of deliberately targeting the knee and then laughing,

In the middle of the second round when the referee told me to stand up Mandy intentionally tripped my injured knee then proceeded to laugh at me because I almost fell over. That’s why I kicked her after the second round.

Before the third round begun Kim was informed that she would be deduced a point. Having got the better of the first ten minutes she was still in a good position to take the decision win but disaster struck when she landed a light knee to the head of Bohm, who had a hand touching the ground.

That mistake would ultimately enable Bohm to defeat Kim by split decision. She was deducted a second point leaving the Korean with no way to win on the scorecards.

Funny side

Kim thinks that Bohm probably realized that she could take a decision win by refusing to continue. The Korean certainly does not believe that the German was seriously hurt,

She ran away at first, but this time she came to give everyone an Oscar looking act.

For her part Kim must have been aware that this was likely to have been here final UFC fight when she wrote,

I don’t know if I’ll keep fighting in the future but I just think this situation is f**king funny.

At least the 33 year old is able to find humour in the situation. Her UFC career is over, she probably needs surgery and it sounds like Kim might never fight again.