Fabricio Andrade might not have won the ONE Championship bantamweight belt last weekend but he certainly impressed a few people. One of them was Joe Rogan who discussed the Brazilian during a recent chat with Demetrious Johnson on his podcast.

The subject varied from the quality of Andrade’s striking to Lineker’s choice of groin protection but both men sounded very excited about what they were seeing from the 25 year old:

A nasty man

Rogan asks Johnson,

“Who’s that guy that just fought John Lineker and broke his cup?”

And while he couldn’t remember Andrade’s name the performance clearly left a lasting impression on the UFC commentator,

“Fu***ng beast man! I’m like, look these guys are out there!”

Rogan is presumably making the point that there are some very talented fighters outside of the UFC. Johnson competes in the division below Andrade but also sounds impressed,

“He’s a nasty man,” said the former UFC flyweight champion.


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No contest

While the fight ended in a no contest Rogan is in no doubt that Andrade was on top,

“He’s putting the boots to Lineker,” he commented.

Johnson got a little bit more technical with his analysis and noticed that,

“John Lineker throws wild winging punches but with Fabricio being so much taller than him he’s able to have good rhythm and throw that lead punch.”

Anticlimactic ending

They showed the replay of the finish and Rogan broke down the anticlimactic ending as follows,

“He nailed him with that knee to the body but unfortunately that’s right in the cup.”

The knee connected so cleanly with the cup that it broke. This surprised both men with Johnson asking,

“First off why is John Lineker wearing a plastic cup?”

Rogan agreed and suggested that the former ONE Championship bantamweight king might want to invest in some better equipment,

“I know right, why doesn’t he wear one of those diamond cups?”