Joe Rogan is a comedian who is famed for his love of martial arts and psychedelic substances. He also happens to be one of the most respected pundits and commentators in the MMA game and he had some high praise for ONE Championship on a recent podcast.

Rogan is the long term pay per view commentator for the UFC. He has a huge online following and made the surprising comments during a recent podcast with welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal, when the topic of trash talking came up.

Ironically it was a former ONE Championship fighter, Ben Askren, who provided the topic of conversation. Suffice to say that Masvidal is not a fan and the two men will face off at UFC 239 on July 6th (local time) in Las Vegas.

Masvidal expressed his dislike for the type of trash talking that Askren is synonymous with. Rogan warmed to his theme and went on to praise ONE Championship for its commitment to focusing on martial artists rather than personal feuds or grudge matches.

You can hear the clip here:

The Rogan quote in full is:

“I appreciate the way ONE FC handles things because they concentrate on fighters being honourable and fighting their best and fighting the best fighters they can fight and they don’t emphasize that shit talking at all they emphasize the martial arts aspect of it.”

Anyone who has been paying attention to ONE Championship’s recent style of promotion will know exactly what Rogan is talking about. It appears the Asian MMA powerhouse has found a fan in the veteran UFC commentator.