John Lineker has finally responded to Fabricio Andrade. The up and coming bantamweight contender has been calling out the UFC veteran for a while now but seems to have finally got his attention.

Andrade did it by knocking out #1 ranked bantamweight Kwon Won Il in the opening round at ONE 158 last night. Afterwards he doubled down on his criticism of Lineker describing him as ‘a chicken’.

The champion took to Twitter and responded:

Fighting talk

Lineker sounded quite calm and says,

I am accustomed to guys calling me out! I am always the guy to beat!”

But he makes it clear he feels disrespected by Andrade and plans to make him pay,

“I will fight anyone ONE wants me to fight. But I disrespect no one. Sooner or later will be (Fabricio Andrade)’s turn. He will regret disrespecting me.”

It is fighting talk from the champion who snatched the belt from fellow Brazilian Bibiano Fernandes at ONE: ‘Lights Out’ earlier this year. He has won four fights out of four since signing for ONE Championship.

All Brazilian

Another all Brazilian title fight looks to be next on the agenda for Lineker. Andrade has also won all of his fights since signing for ONE Championship.

Kwon was ranked #2 before last night’s fight. But Andrade is likely to overtake him as soon as the rankings are updated.

Fernandes might feel he is entitled to an immediate rematch with Lineker. He was the champion for many years and the first fight was a real thriller with both Brazilians having their moments.

So it remains to be seen whether Andrade will be granted an immediate title shot. The only fighter in the top five he has not already beaten is Stephen Loman who he has been campaigning for a fight with.