Pretty much everyone was impressed by John Lineker’s performance at ONE: ‘Full Circle’ last night. But not quite everyone!

Fabricio Andrade, the #4 ranked bantamweight, took to Facebook to announced that he was not impressed at all:

Andrade even went as far as to describe Bibiano Fernandes, who Lineker knocked out in round two, as ‘an old man’. His full message to Lineker reads:

‘There’s only ONE new king. John Lineker how did you took more than one round to finish an old man? Not impressed at all.”

Andrade even tagged Lineker in the post just to make sure the newly crowned bantamweight king gets the message loud and clear.

Last night’s bantamweight title fight was an all Brazilian affair with Lineker beating a man who is ten years older than him.

Andrade is 25 and significantly younger than the champion. The next bantamweight title fight could be another all Brazilian affair with a young contender looking to snatch the crown from a seasoned veteran.