John Lineker has missed weight again. The Brazilian came in at 151lbs ahead of his bantamweight bout with Kim Jae Woong at ONE Fight Night 13 on Saturday.

ONE Championship’s bantamweight limit is set at 145lbs with fighters required to pass hydration tests. The weigh ins were streamed live and Lineker left it to the very last minute to try and make weight.

In the final seconds of the allocated time window he made one last desperate attempt to make weight. But Lineker tipped the scales at 146lbs while his hydration level was 1.0285, well above the given limit.

It seems that Lineker was given more time to hydrate himself and out on an extra 5lbs in the process. The good news for opponent Kim Jae Woong is that he will get 25% of the UFC veteran’s purse.

John Lineker and Kim Jae Woong go head to head

On point

That could make it a lucrative morning for the Korean as Lineker is a former ONE Championship bantamweight champion and one of the top earners in the division.

Lineker wasn’t the only fighter to struggle with the weigh in requirements. Elias Mahmoudi and Rungwaree Sitsongpeenong both came in over the limit ahead of their Muay Thai fights and will also forfeit 25% of their purse to their respective opponents.

The unfortunate Mahmoudi only missed weight by 0.25lbs for his flyweight fight with Edgar Tabares. But Rungrawee came in 4lbs over ahead of his lightweight clash with Nauzet Trujillo.

Champion Chingiz Allazov and challenger Marat Grigorian were both on point ahead of their featherweight kickboxing title fight which will headline the card. The event is set for Lumpinee Stadium and will get underway early Saturday morning (local time).

ONE Fight Night 13, Bangkok, August 5th
Chingiz Allazov (154.50 lbs, 1.0214) vs. Marat Grigorian (154.25 lbs, 1.0103)
Mikey Musumeci (134.25 lbs, 1.0074) vs. Jarred Brooks (130.75 lbs, 1.0144)
Tawanchai PK Saenchai (154.00 lbs, 1.0095) vs. Davit Kiria (155.00 lbs, 1.0248)
John Lineker* (151.00 lbs, 1.0229) vs. Kim Jae Woong (144.50 lbs, 1.0103)
Supergirl Jaroonsakgym (117.00 lbs, 1.0031) vs. Lara Fernandez (116.50 lbs, 1.0237)
Marcus Almeida (259.00 lbs, 1.0057) vs. Oumar Kane (260.50 lbs, 1.0009)
Elias Mahmoudi* (135.25 lbs, 1.0233) vs. Edgar Tabares (134.25 lbs, 1.0140)
Tye Ruotolo (180.00 lbs, 1.0244) vs. Dagi Arslanaliev (177.75 lbs, 1.0061)
Rungwaree Sitsongpeenong* (174.00 lbs, 1.0103) vs. Nauzet Trujillo (169.50 lbs, 1.0091)
Jhanlo Sangiao (145.00 lbs, 1.0144) vs. Enkh-Orgil Baatarkhuu (144.50 lbs, 1.0053)
* = forfeits 25% of purse after missing weight