John Wayne Parr has recovered from Covid-19 but admits that at times he feared for his life when stricken with the virus. The Muay Thai legend was hospitalized and worried he was about to suffer a heart attack after suffering severe chest pains.

He gave a detailed breakdown of the experience in an Instagram video:

At the end of the video JWP appears to admit that he is unvaccinated. The 45 year old says he has been bombarded by abusive messages from people either accusing him of being a government agent or wanting him to die because he didn’t get the vaccine.

It sounds like a very traumatic experience for the Muay Thai legend who at one stage was worried his family were going to find him dead. He spent New Year’s Eve alone in a hospital bed and admits he never imagined Covid-19 could affect him so seriously.

The good news is that JWP appears to have made a complete recovery and seemed in good spirits. The multiple time Muay Thai world champion lives to fight another day!