When John Wayne Parr was a child he fell in love with Muay Thai. But times change and by the sounds of it his youngest daughter is more into MMA.

Jemma Parr has already won several medals competing in jiu jitus and according to her father, who happens to be a Muay Thai legend, she is hoping to make her MMA debut soon:

It is common for Muay Thai fighters to start competing around this age but much more rare to see young children in MMA bouts. JWP didn’t have his first kickboxing fight until the age of 14 so Jemma already has a head start on her Dad.

He went on to win ten world titles in Muay Thai and kickboxing facing the most famous fighters of the century. So expectations are high for his three children who are all on track to be successful fighters.

JWP also says he is: ‘just waiting to hear back from the commission to see if we can get her match with broken glass and resin on her knuckles’.

Do you think 7 year olds should be allowed to participate in broken glass, bare knuckle fights to the death? Bear in mind JWP is a big Jean Claude Van Damme fan…