Fight Circus has become synonymous with putting on freak show fights in Thailand. Today the promotion took to Twitter to ask its followers a question that has surely been on the lips of just about every tourist to the country at some stage.

The intrepid Fight Circus film crew took to the streets of Patong to ask passers by whether they are,

“Lady or ladyboy?”

Transgender fighter  

It appears that everyone in this video falls into the latter category although, honestly, we wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told us. These ladyboys look just like the real thing and an unsuspecting tourist would surely have no idea about their actual genders.

As well as putting on fights in phone boxes, fights on ice hockey rings and two on one fights the promotion also puts on actual, proper fights once in a while. Nong Rose features regularly on these cards, she is a transgender Muay Thai fighter who has faced some of the best male opponents at her weight.

Inspiring athlete 

While there are plenty of ladyboys walking the streets in Phuket’s red light district not all members of the ‘third gender’ are engaging in these sort of activities. Nong Rose is a high profile sports star who is clearly an inspiration to transgender athletes all over the world.

Nong Rose fought on Fight Circus: ‘Running Man the Musical’ earlier this month. That show lasted nearly 12 hours and involved the usual range of freak show fights, singing and an appearance from Pride veteran Charles Bennett.

During the peak of her career Nong Rose shared a ring with fighters like Petsupan Por Daorungruang, Priewpark Sor Jor Vichitpedriew and Sueayai Chor Haphayak. She fought on some of the biggest cards at Rajdamnern Stadium.

The first transgender Muay Thai fighter to achieve mainstream success was Nong Toom. In 2003 a movie was made about her life story called ‘Beautiful Boxer’.

There don’t appear to be any movies in the pipeline about Nong Rose for the time being. She clearly has a big fan following though and is at the intersection of two things that Thailand is famous for, Muay Thai and ladyboys.