Loma Lookboonmee has developed into a well rounded mixed martial artist. You don’t win three UFC fights without being adept at every aspect of the sport.

But the Muay Thai veteran knows where her strengths lie and has a simple message for opponent Lupita Godinez,

“Be ready for my right kick!”

The Mexican, who faces Loma at UFC Vegas 43, cannot say she hasn’t been warned. Godinez has lost two out of her three UFC fights but Loma definitely won’t be underestimating her,

“I never overlook my opponents. I think being overconfident is the most dangerous thing you can do,” she told UFC.com.

Loma Lookboonmee training 3

Clash of styles

It looks set to be a clash of styles. Loma admits to not having studied too much of her opponent’s footage but is expecting the Mexican to try and take her down,

“I know she’s a really good wrestler. I watched her for a bit and that was enough for me.”

Loma probably feels she is capable of winning a striking match against anyone in the division. The 25 year old knows that if she can plays to her strengths she will overcome absolutely any opponent,

“I have to do what I’m capable of doing and it doesn’t really matter who my opponent is.”

Loma Lookboonmee training

Great team

Training under George Hickman, who has coached numerous UFC fighters, means that Loma should be well prepared. They entire team left Tiger Muay Thai and are starting a new gym but the Thai says her training camp could not have gone any better,

“My fight camp was incredible we trained for three months. I have a great team behind me, I have amazing training partners, my coaches are great, everything was perfect.”

If the switch from Tiger Muay Thai to the newly formed Bang Tao Muay Thai was a complication it doesn’t appear to show. Loma sounds in confident mood and says there will only be one outcome this Saturday (local time) in Las Vegas,

“This is going to be another win for me in the UFC.”