Manny Pacquiao is (shadow) boxing in Barcelona! He was featured in the football team’s official Instagram account showcasing his fast hands at the Nou Camp.

FC Barcelona were the best football team in the world but have fallen on hard times of late. At one stage Pacquiao was regarded as the best pound for pound boxer on the planet but Father Time eventually caught up with him.

But that didn’t stop Pacquiao from doing a bit of shadow boxing during a recent trip to the Nou Camp stadium which is Barcelona’s home:


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European tour

Pacquiao appears to be touring Europe with his family. He recently spent time in Germany where he shared some romantic photos with his wife Jinkee.

The next person to catch those hands looks set to be Korean YouTuber DK Yoo. He is booked to face Pacquiao in a exhibition boxing match in December apparently although there has not been an official announcement yet.

Pacquiao remains one of the biggest names in boxing although these days he is more busy with politics. The 42 year old ran to be president of the Philippines this year but came in a distant third.

Pacquiao was magnanimous in defeat after the election, just as he was on the rare occasions that he was beaten in a boxing match. He remains a senator in the Philippines and while his president risk ambitions are on hold for the time being he hasn’t completely abandoned them.


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Exhibition bouts

Pacquiao is still a young man in political terms and there is plenty of time for him to fulfill his dream of becoming the top man in the country. His boxing career is clearly coming to an end and he announced his retirement last year.

Lots of boxers have been coming out of retirement recently to compete in exhibition bouts. Pacquiao should have far too much for a YouTuber with no professional boxing experience.

If he gets a gate for being in big stadiums, like the Nou Camp, perhaps he will consider a proper comeback? There would certainly be no shortage of fans willing to buy tickets to see Pacquiao return to the ring again.