The internet is alive with the sounds of rumours about a rematch involving Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. The two men first fought in 2015 with the American claiming a comfortable decision win.

The fight supposedly generated $600 million USD making it the most lucrative combat sport event of all time. The pay per view (PPV) was purchased by an incredible 4.6 million people.

That set a record which the 2017 fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor narrowly failed to surpass. While both men are ostensibly retired they have been competing regularly in exhibition bouts.

Several sources claim a rematch is close to being booked for next May:

Not official

It is rare that talks for a fight of this magnitude could get underway without someone close to one of the boxer’s camps leaking the information. So you probably shouldn’t get too excited about this one until you hear it from a more official source.

Given that Pacquiao couldn’t keep it under wraps that his illegitimate son was now fighting on his cards the boxer probably wouldn’t be able to enter into negotiations for a rematch of one of the biggest bouts in history without someone finding out. It would actually make a lot of sense for both men given that they are of a similar age and at a very similar stage in their careers.

Mayweather has been competing once or twice a year in exhibition bouts. So far Pacquiao has only competed in one since retiring but appears to constantly be negotiating with potential opponents.


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Facing off

The two men faced off at a Rizin press conference last year although it isn’t clear whether or not the Japanese MMA promotion has the clout to pull off such a big boxing match. Pacquiao is supposed to be fighting Buakaw Banchamek this year but that doesn’t have a date confirmed and neither man has begun training.

Pacquiao was also supposed to be fighting in Saudi Arabia this year but that bout clearly fell through and he also wants to represent the Philippines at the 2024 Olympics. There is also no update on when he will be fighting for Rizin, despite it being announced that he would fight in Japan this year.

In boxing money always talks and the first fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather made a lot of it. While a rematch wouldn’t be quite as successful it would certainly generate a lot more profit than any of their recent exhibition matches have.