A fight between Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan ahs been the subject of speculation for nearly a decade. According to the Englishman negotiations are still going on despite both men having officially retired.

Khan says there have been recent online meetings in which Pacquiao himself has participated, which demonstrates just how serious the Filipino is about making this fight. The two men are former sparring partners who were both part of Freddie Roach’s stable during the peak of their competitive careers.

In a recent interview with  iFL TV to promote his upcoming book Khan revealed that a fight between him an Pacquiao was still actively being discussed,

“I’ve had chats with Manny, myself, on Zoom meetings. The funding is there. I’ve had a chat with the investor. The investor said I’ve got the money there. But I don’t know what’s going on. I know Manny wants it because obviously Manny has been on the Zoom call with me.”


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Nothing booked

Pacquiao doesn’t have any fights booked but is still in training. Earlier this week he shared some photos on Instagram of him working out with long term trainer Buboy Fernandez.

Pacquiao and Buakaw Banchamek are supposed to face off in an exhibition boxing match this year. There is no date or venue confirmed for that and if it did end up falling through it would not be the only fight that had been officially announced only to fall by the wayside.

He was supposed to be fighting Jaber Zayani in Saudi Arabia this year. There have been no recent updates on the status of that fight and it doesn’t appear as if Pacquiao’s long awaited Rizin debut is in the pipeline either.


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Vast wealth

Pacquiao definitely doesn’t need the money. It is a far cry from his upbringing on General Santos City when the 44 year old recalled in a recent Instagram video that,

“We don’t have our own house, we don’t have land, we don’t have even food. We’re too young to work but we have to work just to earn money to buy food.”

Estimates of Pacquiao’s wealth vary but there is no doubt that he is now a multimillionaire. His children will never have to worry about putting food on the table and even Erman Becosa, believed to be the boxer’s illegitimate son, has recently been welcomed into the fold.

While Pacquiao doesn’t need to fight he clearly wants to. The boxer seems to genuinely love being in the gym and the long awaited matchup with Amir Khan looks like it could become a reality in 2024.