DK Yoo will be facing Manny Pacquiao in an exhibition boxing match later this year. Very little is known about the Korean who is a self styled martial arts guru.

But he is set to take on the eight division world champion in an exhibition boxing match. For anyone who has never seen DK Yoo in action he posted some demonstration sparring footage from a recent seminar in The Netherlands:

Speed and timing

DK Yoo appears to pride himself on the speed of his reactions. He keeps his hands relatively low and looks to time his opponents and counter instantly when they throw punches.

It is style that looks good when a training partner throws one, telegraphed punch. Whether it would work so well against a seasoned boxer who attacks from different angles with multi punch combinations remains to be seen.

Brief highlights

He only posted highlights of his exhibition boxing match with former UFC fighter Bradley Scott. It is clear that DK Yoo can use his foot movement to circle away and stay out of trouble but he throws very few counters while doing so.

Scott outweighed him by 25kgs but not much of it was muscle and the Englishman’s attack consisted mainly of wide looping punches which DK Yoo easily evaded. The Korean did find himself on the wrong end of some solid looking body shots which didn’t seem to unduly trouble him.


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Different league

Pacquiao might be about to celebrate his 43rd birthday but his footwork and hand speed still looks exceptional. He might have passed the point where he is able to fight for 12 rounds with elite boxers but he remains a brilliant fighter.

That is the bad news for DK Yoo. If the Filipino wants to knock him out, even with 14oz gloves on, he probably can just by landing a high volume of hard shots.

The good news for the Korean is that the Filipino is an all round nice guy who has been known to take it easy on opponents in the closing stages of world championship fights which he is already winning comfortably. He could have finished the likes of Chris Algieri and Antonio Margarito but decided to save them from further punishment and settle for a decision win.

So Pacquiao probably won’t want to inflict a humiliating beatdown on the Korean like Floyd Mayweather did to Tenshin Nasukawa in their exhibition boxing match. But it is very clear from this footage that DK Yoo is not in the same league as the boxing legend.