Mike Perry is officially the ‘King of Violence’. That crown was on the line at BKFC 56 and he inflicted so much punishment on Eddie Alvarez that the former Bellator and UFC lightweight champion didn’t come out for the third round.

It looked like Alvarez’ corner had made the call after assessing the damage at the end of the second. Despite all the talk of violence cooler heads clearly prevailed with the 39 year old subsequently discovered to have broken his orbital bone.

Both men immediately went toe toe toe in the opening round. A right hand from Alvarez drew a grimace from Perry who kept coming forwards but was walking into left hooks and left jabs.


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Easy target

A left hook from Alvarez stopped him in his tracks. Perry had his hands low and wasn’t moving his head at all which made him an easy target for the jab.

By contrast Alvarez was dipping and diving, making his opponent miss while repeatedly landing head shots of his own. At the end of the round Perry’s nose and mouth were bleeding, the hooks and jabs having taken their toll.

The strategy hadn’t worked for Perry in the opening round but he doubled down on it at the start of the second. During his UFC career he competed at 170lbs and had a significant size advantage against Alvarez.


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Sheer volume

Perry threw caution to the wind and charged forwards but this time he was throwing more punches. Alvarez continued to catch him with jabs on the way in but was being driven backwards during the process, unable to cope with his opponent’s sheer volume.

Perry was landing uppercuts and hooks with the damage to Alvarez’ left eye starting to accumulate. At this stage it seemed like anyone’s fights but it turned out the decisive blow had already landed.

Alvarez was unable to see out of his left eye. His corner decided to call off the contest which definitely delivered on its promise of violence even if fans might have hoped it would last longer.

Alvarez has been in plenty of wars during his MMA career but has seldom taken quite as much damage as Perry managed to inflict in the four minutes they fought. No-one knows what is next for the 39 year old but he is no longer the King of Violence.