Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners have the ability to ear joints out of sockets, snap bones and make muscles and cartilage rip. That doesn’t mean they necessarily want to do any of these things and Mikey Musumeci was feeling a bit nauseous after destroying his opponent’s knee at ONE Fight Night 6.

Gantumur Bayanduuren simply refused to tap and paid a heavy price by the sounds of it. We don’t know the extent of the damage to his knee but it sounds like the Mongolian could be sidelined for months if not years.

Musumeci might not be able to diagnose the exact damage he did to Bayanduuren but the newly crowned ONE Championship flyweight submission grappling champion literally heard the sound of his opponent’s knee ripping:


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The gentle art

In other combat sports it is common for fighters to celebrate after knocking an opponent unconscious. But BJJ is known as ‘the gentle art’ for a reason and the idea is that your opponent will submit before suffering any serious damage.

For some reason Bayanduuren declined to do so and Musumeci clearly did not enjoy inflicting a potentially serious injury on the Mongolian telling his followers that:

FYI this was the most disgusting feeling ever. I literally felt every part of his knee rip like cardboard.

The fight went the distance but there was absolutely no doubt who the winner would be. Musumeci walked away with the belt, defending it for the first time, whereas Bayanduuren was limping badly and it would be a major surprise if he didn’t need some sort of surgery.


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Breaking pressure

Musumeci broke down the finish in a bit of detail and also used it as an example for any aspiring BJJ practitioners. He warned them not to emulate Bayanduuren by refusing to tap,

I continued to apply breaking pressure on his leg about 8 minutes straight, but my opponent unfortunately would not tap. This resulted in us seeing how damaging these leg locks can be. Always important to tap so you avoid surgery and a year recovery.

Musumeci is the reigning ONE Championship flyweight submission grappling champion and one of the best in the world at what he does. Bayanduuren clearly wasn’t on his level and it could be a long time before the sambo specialist and mixed martial artist is able to compete again.