Road FC 50 is set for the Chungmu Gymnasium City in Daejeon, South Korea on Saturday night. The event will be headlined by a featherweight title match between champion Choi Mu-Gyeom and challenger Lee Jeong-Yeong with both men making the weight.

Mu-Gyeom tipped the scales at 65.9kgs (145lbs) while Jeong-Yeong was 65.7kgs (144.8lbs). The champion will be looking to make the fourth defence of his Road FC 145lbs title. If successful he will set a new promotional record.

Choi believes his boxing skills will be key to retaining the belt.

“I hope to make history with my fourth title defense in ROAD FC. Because I will retire afterwards, I am committed to this fight and I will win by impressively outboxing him.”

Meanwhile Lee has pledged to become the youngest fighter to ever claim a Road title.

“I’ve prepared as if I’m already the champion. Tomorrow I’m going to make the record of being the youngest ROAD FC champion.”

Road FC 50 Official Weigh-In Results

6th -65.5kgs Featherweight Championship
Choi Mu-Gyeom Vs Lee Jeong-Yeong
Choi Mu-Gyeom : 65.9kgs/145lbs
Lee Jeong-Yeong : 65.7kgs/144.8lbs

5th Openweight Bout
Choi Mu-Bae Vs Fujita Kazuyuki
Choi Mu-Bae : 110.3kgs/242.5lbs
Fujita Kazuyuki : 117.6kgs/259.3lbs

4th -70kgs Lightweight Bout
Hong Young-Ki Vs Nakamura Koji
Hong Young-Ki : 70.3kgs/155lbs (Pass)
Nakamura Koji : 70.3kgs/155lbs (Pass)

3rd -61.5kgs Bantamweight Bout
Han Yi-Moon Vs Yoo Jae-Nam
Han Yi-Moon : 61.9kgs/139.6lbs
Yoo Jae-Nam : 61.9kgs/139.6lbs

2nd -50kgs Catchweight Bout
Shim Yu-Ri Vs Lim So-Hee
Shim Yu-Ri : 50.1kgs/110.5lbs
Lim So-Hee : 50.4kgs/111.1lbs

1st Openweight Bout
Shim Gun-Oh Vs Heo Jae-Hyeok
Shim Gun-Oh : 140.9kgs/310.6lbs
Heo Jae-Hyeok : 132.5kgs/292.1lbs

Young Guns 40 Official Weigh-In Results

6th -84kgs Middleweight Bout
Park Jung-Kyo Vs Lim Dong-Hwan
Park Jung-Kyo : 84.2kgs/185.6lbs
Lim Dong-Hwan : 84.2kgs/185.6lbs

5th -57kgs Flyweight Bout
Kim Tae-Gyun Vs Ito Yuki
Kim Tae-Gyun : 59.3kgs/130.7lbs (2.3kg over, deducted 10 points per round)
Ito Yuki : 57.2kgs/126.1lbs

4th -65.5kgs Featherweight Bout
Kim Yong-Geun Vs Park Chan-Soo
Kim Yong-Geun : 65.5kgs/144.4lbs
Park Chan-Soo : 65.9kgs/145.3lbs

3rd -61.5kgs Bantamweight Bout
Hwang Chang-Hwan Vs Kim Sung-Jae
Hwang Chang-Hwan : 61.2kgs/135lbs
Kim Sung-Jae : 61.8kgs/136.2lbs

2nd -57kgs Flyweight Bout
Go Gi-Won Vs Kim Young-Han
Go Gi-Won : 57.4kgs/126.5lbs
Kim Young-Han : 57.4kgs/126.5lbs

1st -57kgs Flyweight Bout
Kim Woo-Jae Vs Jeong Won-Hee
Kim Woo-Jae : 57.5kgs/126.8lbs
Jeong Won-Hee : 57.0kgs/125.7lbs