Nayanesh Ayman lost to Buakaw Banchamek in 2018. The two men will rematch at Rajadamnern Stadium tomorrow and the Spaniard is confident he will fare much better this time around.

Ayman believes Buakaw is out of shape. The 41 year old is still going strong as he enters his fourth decade as a professional fighter but his opponent sees signs of decline.

Ayman towered over Buakaw at the face offs earlier this week and sees a different fighter to the one he faced in China five years ago,

“I respect Buakaw but I am not impressed by his current shape. He looks smaller and weaker.”

Best shape

At the age of 35 Ayman is not exactly an up and coming prospect himself. While Buakaw is clearly coming towards the end of his career there are very few fighters who enjoy the longevity of the two time K-1 Max winner.

It isn’t clear how long Ayman will be able to continue for but the 35 year old feels he is at the peak of his powers,

“I feel I am in my best shape ever.”

Running out

Time is clearly a theme for this fight. No-one knows how much of it Buakaw has left as a fighter while Ayman clearly feels that this is the perfect time to be facing the veteran.

He said as much in the pre fight press conference,

“As soon as the bell rings know that Buakaw’s time is running out.”

Ayman has also had to wait a long time for his rematch. It is five years since he was knocked out in the opening round at Kunlun Fight 69 in Guiyang.

My revenge

It sounds like Ayman has spent the past five years dwelling on that defeat. The Spaniard feels he made one serious tactical error and says he has learned from it,

“For five years since the knockout I’ve analyzed where I made a mistake. For the last five years I’ve been breaking down the missteps. I’ve been training until this day to be better, to have my revenge.”

At this stage Buakaw is expected to win every single fight. But the 41 year old cannot continue to compete indefinitely, father time has to catch up with him eventually and Ayman hopes that is exactly what will happen tomorrow.