Buakaw Banchamek’s previous Rajadamnern World Series fights have all been exhibitions but this one was supposed to have an official outcome. Unfortunately things didn’t work out that way with the Thai superstar accidentally headbutting Yasuhiro Kido in the second round.

As a result the kickboxing fight ended in a no contest with Kido unable to continue. Blood was pouring from his forehead and the ringside doctor declared that the Japanese fighter was unable to continue.

The two veterans competed during the K-1 Max heyday but their paths had never previously crossed. They faced off in a kickboxing bout on Saturday night at a venue more traditionally associated with Muay Thai.

Spinning strikes

Kido was switching stance and attempting spinning strikes at the start of the fight in a strategy that was clearly intended to disrupt Buakaw’s rhythm. The Thai timed a kick and swept the Japanese fighter of his feet but got caught below the belt in the process.

Kido apologized although he didn’t know too much about it. As the round progressed Buakaw found ways to nullify the significant size difference and put the Japanese fighter on his back with another perfectly timed sweep.

At the end of the round he trapped Kido in the corner and began to unload punches with the ropes keeping the Japanese fighter on his feet. He was on the back foot again at the start of the second but got a chance to recover after receiving a low blow.

Kido was looking increasingly ragged as Buakaw marched forwards and attacked with hard punches. The Thai was finishing his combinations with knees and easily evading the occasional high kick from his opponent.

Accidental headbutt

With Buakaw constantly closing the distance there was a lot of clinching going on and the referee had to work hard to constantly keep separating the two men. Survival was the name of the game for Kido heading into the third but 30 seconds into the final round he was on the receiving end of an accidental headbutt.

With Buakaw constantly marching towards the taller man it was an accident waiting to happen and the top of the Thai’s head connected firmly with Kido’s forehead. The doctor took one look at the cut and instructed the referee to call off the contest.

It was an anticlimactic end to a fight which had been very one sided. Buakaw was clearly on course for a decision win, if Kido managed to make it to the final bell at all, but instead it will go down on both men’s record as a no contest.

Next up for Buakaw is a fight with Saenchai PKSaenchaigym. The two are booked to face off in a bare knuckle Muay Thai fight on November 4th in Pattaya.