Chris Barnett is likely to go down in history as the last fighter to be punished by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for marijuana use. According to MMA Fighting he has been handed a 4.5 month suspension and a $1,036.80 fine for popping hot.

While it is not quite as great an injustice as Nick Diaz’ incredible gogoplata win over Takanori Gomi getting overturned (Because he got high! The Pride 33 win which was taken away from Nick Diaz) we do feel bad for ‘Beast Boy’. The UAE Warriors and Road FC veteran was beaten by Ben Rothwell at UFC Vegas 23.

If he was using marijuana to enhance his performance which, let’s face it, no-one really does then it definitely didn’t work. The good news for Barnett is that the suspension is retroactive and will finish in approximately three weeks time.

So that means Barnett is unlikely to have missed out on any fights as a result of the suspension. But he is out of pocket by around $1000 USD, which means he might not be able to afford any of that top grade weed for a while.