Everyone loves a good liver shot. Well, everyone except the unlucky person who ends up on the receiving end.

Last night Dae Hwan Kim was shut down instantly by this Xie Wei body shot at ONE: ‘Battleground’ Part III:

It is the classic left hand to the liver. The punch of a fighters dreams, or nightmares, depending on whether they are the one throwing the shot or getting hit by it.

Fight fans with long memories will remember Bernard Hopkins doing something similar to Oscar de La Hoya. Anyone who has been hit on that spot will know what it feels like, there is no coming back from a punch like that.

For Kim the punch could have been a career ender While liver shots don’t generally do any long term damage this was his fourth straight loss inside the ONE Championship circle.

By contrast Wei can reflect on a good night’s work. A highlight reel finish over a former title contender and the sort of performance that will make the other flyweights in the roster stand up and take notice.

In MMA one punch really can’t change your life. That’s what we love about this sport!