Following the last minute cancellation of Pancrase 317 last month the promotion has made changes to the weigh in system. Fighters will no longer be required to step on the scales 24 hours before the event.

Instead Pancrase will follow in the footsteps of ONE Championship by encouraging fighters to compete at their walk around weight. For upcoming events weigh ins will take place on the same day as the show.

Pancrase is not expecting fighters to cut weight. Instead the division limits will all be moved up so strawweights will weigh in at 125lbs, flyweights will weigh in 135lbs, bantamweights will weigh in at 145lbs, featherweights will weigh in at 155lbs, lightweights will weigh in at 170lbs, welterweights will weigh in at 185lbs and middleweights will weigh in at 205lbs.

Any fighter who is unable to make weight at the first attempt will be given an hour to lose the additional weight. An allowance of 1lbs will be given for non title bouts.

Shooto has also introduced the same day weigh in system. But under its system everyone automatically moves up a division.

By contrast Pancrase will keep fighters in the same divisions but alter the limits. So Genpei Hayashi and Tatsuya Saika will both have to weigh 170lbs or less on the day of their interim lightweight title fight which headlines Pancrase 318.

Pancrase 317 was cancelled at the last minute when a Covid-19 test came back positive. The promotion received the news moments before the first fight was scheduled to start.