Pancrase 317 has been cancelled at the very last minute. The promotion announced moments before the first bout that the show was off due to a positive Covid-19 test.

There have been 62,177 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Japan. The country has cautiously reopened in recent months with several MMA shows taking place.

However audiences are still limited and the restrictions could be set to tighten again with a surge in recent cases. Deep 96 and Deep 97 are  also taking place in Tokyo later today

Pancrase 317 was set to be headlined by a featherweight fight between Yoshinori Horie and Taichi Nakajima. The winner had been promised a shot at reigning featherweight champion Isao Kobayashi.

Also on the card was a flyweight bout between Ryuichi Miki and Yusuke Ogikubo. At featherweight Issei Tamura faced Yuki Takahashi while strawweights Hiroaki Ijima and Yuta Miyazawa were set to scrap.

Pancrase 317, Tokyo, CANCELLED
Yoshinori Horie vs. Taichi Nakajima (Featherweight)
Takashi Matsuoka vs. Koshi Matsumoto (Lightweight)
Ryuichi Miki vs. Yusuke Ogikubo (Flyweight)
Takeshi Kasugai vs. Toshinori Tsunemura (Bantamweight)
Issei Tamura vs. Yuki Takahashi (Featherweight)
Yuta Miyazawa vs. Hiroaki Iijima (Strawweight)
Kosuke Kindaichi vs. Tatsuya Tomozane (Lightweight)
Teppei Maeyama vs. Tatsuki Ozaki (Strawweight)
Tatsuhiko Iwamoto vs. Tatsuya Saito (Featherweight)
Rui Imamura vs. Suneo Tanaka (Bantamweight)
Aito Tanimura vs. Takuya Takahashi (Flyweight)
Nobuhisa Kudo vs. Osamu Miyakawa (Bantamweight)