Park Si Won looked sharp in Seoul as he defended his Road FC lightweight title with a decision win over Yeo Je-Woo. The 20 year old underlined his credentials as one of the brightest stars in Asia with an impressive performance at the Swiss Grand Hotel on Saturday night.

The undefeated Won began the fight taking pot shots from range. Meanwhile Yeo, who came into the bout on a four-fight winning streak, circled on the outside as both men made a tentative start to this three round title bout.

The champion landed a front kick to the body but was focused mainly on throwing single strikes. With two minutes left in the round, Yeo took the fight to the ground with a double leg but Park scrambled back to his feet and planted a left cross to his opponent’s chin, stuffing a second takedown in the closing seconds.

Eye catching

Park had his opposite number down at the start of the second round and fired off some knees to the body when he regained a standing position. The 20 year old fighter scored with some crisp leg kicks before landing an eye catching three punch combination.

It was his best salvo of the match to that point. champion was able to uncork some more knees from the clinch and resisted another takedown attempt late in the round. Going into the third and final round he looked on course to extend his perfect professional record and defend his title.

Park took Yeo to the floor early in the third stanza. He eventually worked his way up only for the champion to dish out some knees in the clinch before landing a left hook upstairs.

Too late

He then started to work from range, targeting the lead leg of the challenger and finding a home for his jab. Having found his rhythm, Park began to tee off on his opponent as a flurry of punches left the challenger with a bloody nose.

The shots kept coming as Yeo ate huge right-left combos and a jumping knee. Park threatened with some submissions late on but was unable to finish the fight.

To his credit Yeo rounded off with a big right hook at the clapper but he had left it too late to mount a comeback. The judges were left with an easy decision and all three of them scored it for Park who moves up to 8-0 while Yeo slides to 5-2.


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Best of the rest

Koji Nakamura defeated A Sol Kwon in a co-main event which pitted two veterans together. The Japanese journeyman climbs to 14-16-4 while the former Road FC lightweight champion, who previously retired from MMA to become a missionary, drops to 21-13.

Road FC 62, Seoul, December 17th
Park Si Won def. Yeo Je-Woo via Decision (Unanimous)
Koji Nakamura def. Kwon A Sol via Decision (Unanimous)
Tae Young Yoon def. Young Chul Lee via KO (Head kick) at 3:30 of Round 1 of
Vitaliy Mironyuk def. Jin Guk Kim via Submission (Baseball choke) at 4:22 of Round 1
Yoon Seo Shin def. Kwon Han via Submission (Rear naked choke) at 3:13 of Round 2
Jae Min Son def. Jae Bok Jung via KO (Body kick) at 1:20 of Round 2
Dong Soo Seo def. Young Chan Choi via Decision (Unanimous)
Yoo Jung Kim def. Seo Young Park via Submission (Rear naked choke) at 2:53 of Round 1
Min Hyuk Cha def. Tae Sun Hong via Decision (Unanimous)
Jung Hyun Lee def. Min Hyung Han via Decision (Unanimous)