Petchtanong Petchfergus gets to showcase his talents at ONE: ‘A New Breed’ Part III on Friday. He is highly rated on the kickboxing scene and was competing regularly in China prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is a former WMC 147lbs champion but these days Petchtanong is better known as a kickboxer than a Nak Muay. In 2018 he won the WLF 67kgs tournament in China and says this was the highlight of his career,

“The WLF tournament win is the proudest moment for me so far in my career. I beat Jomthong Chuwattana in the final and he is a very big name, a multiple time stadium champion so it was a big moment for me to beat him.”

Petchtanong Banchamek 4

All Star Fight

Perfect timing

With Thailand’s borders closed the opportunity to sign for ONE couldn’t have come at a better time for Petchtanong,

“I am very happy and very excited to have signed for ONE, I can’t wait to get to fight. The Covid-19 situation has made it impossible to fly anywhere and fight but ONE are giving us the opportunity to fight now too so I am excited about that.”

Petchtanong faces Captain Petchyindeeacademy, another fighter making his ONE debut. He already knows all about his opponent and how he is planning on approaching the fight,

“He is very strong and has power in all his shots. He likes to come forward and be aggressive. I plan to use my kickboxing style as he is not experienced in kickboxing. I will try to move in and out and not stand and trade with him.”

Petchtanong Banchamek 2

All Star Fight

Kickboxing crown

Ideally Petchtanong would have liked a little longer to prepare but he is ready to go three rounds with the man formerly known as Diesellek,

“I will be about 80% ready by the time of the fight, the other 20% maybe I could have had a little more time to prepare as the fight came up very quickly but I am sure my skills will help me there.”

Petchtanong already has his eye on another fight after this one and wants to add another kickboxing title to his collection,

“I really want to fight Alaverdi Ramazanov for the ONE bantamweight kickboxing title. I really think I can beat him and my goal is to become a champion with ONE so it’s the fight I really want.”

Petchtanong Banchamek 3

All Star Fight

Successful homecoming

Petchtanong trained alongside Nong-O Gaiyanghadao for many years at the Sit-O camp but wouldn’t rule out the possibility of challenging ONE’s bantamweight Muay Thai champion,

“I trained alongside Nong-O for over ten years, we still talk all the time, but it is a sport at the end of the day that you can win or lose, without hard feelings. We are friends now and after the fight if it was to happen, we will still be friends. I am more focused on the kickboxing belt though as I feel more comfortable in that style now, but if a fight for the Muay Thai belt came along I would be interested.”

Petchtanong’s last ten fights have all taken place in China. He will be competing in Thailand for the first time in two years on Friday and will be hoping to make it a successful homecoming.