Rafael Fiziev got involved in a Twitter exchange with Conor McGregor earlier this week which became increasingly acrimonious. The Irishman was given short shrift when he tried to give the UFC lightweight contender tips on Muay Thai.

Fiziev has been in with top Thai fighters like Sorgraw Petchyindee and Detrit SathianMuayThai and is entitled to think he knows a thing or two about Muay Thai. By contrast McGregor has never competed in the sport and what started out as a respectful change of ideas soon degenerated.

The Irishman ended up threatening to us his head as a golf ball and calling Fiziev a ‘bend back nobody’:

Bad habits

It was a strange interaction given that both men had initially shown each other respect. Fiziev was asked about it at the media day ahead of UFC Vegas 58 this weekend.

He is facing Rafael Dos Anjos in the biggest bout of his career. But the media were more interested in his recent interactions with McGregor and Fiziev has an interesting theory as to why the Irishman is polite at times and abusive at others.

“He started with saying ‘respect’ but you know I’m sure I’m respect everybody, and I also respect Conor’s he make big work for this business. and nobody makes this like he does. But before he sleeps at night, he drinks first. Maybe he smokes and after maybe he like (makes snorting gesture) and after maybe he has one last drink of Proper Twelve. Little bit again. Oh, he takes his phone, he starts talking **t, you know.”

Fiziev seems to be implying that McGregor is drinking, smoking and snorting cocaine and that is why he tends to be less pleasant in the evenings. It is an interesting theory and Sports Keeda went to the trouble of working out what time it was when the Irishman was tweeting.

They pointed out that his tweets in the afternoon were polite and respectful whereas his late night tweet was the more aggressive one. So perhaps there is something to Fiziev’s theory.

Big fight

Fiziev already has plenty on his plate with Dos Anjos. The former UFC lightweight champion is coming off back to back decision wins and hasn’t lost a fight since returning to 155lbs.

Dos Anjos only just missed out on a fight with McGregor. In 2016 he lost the UFC lightweight title to Eddie Alvarez who would go on to face the Irishman in his very next fight.

A win would potentially put Fiziev in contention for a shot at the title as he is ranked #10 while Dos Anjos is #7. There is nothing as lucrative as a fight with McGregor, and an impressive performance this weekend could even put him in that conversation.

Fighters who want glory can work their way up the rankings and challenge for the belt. Fighters who want money could do a lot worse than talk themselves into a fight with McGregor and it will be interesting to see how this one develops.