Ren Hiramoto is feuding with the Nasukawa family and things appear to have taken a nasty turn. It isn’t clear quite how this started but the kickboxer turned mixed martial artist took a video of Tenshin’s sister dancing at a pop concert last weekend.

He shared the video, which is supposedly of Riri Nasukawa, along with a caption in Japanese that translates as,

“Her dancing made me laugh.”

Trading barbs

Hiramoto’s insults appear to be directed at Hiroyuki Nasukawa, Tenshin’s father. He owns the Teppen Gym and also appears to be running the official Twitter account.

Tenshin’s father wasted no time in firing back at Hiramoto making what appeared to be some quite serious allegations which can be translated as,

“Hiramoto took a photo of a woman, threatened her, got her drunk and took money from her wallet.”

Firing back

Hiramoto immediately fired back and demanded that the ‘defamatory’ tweet be deleted, threatening legal action. He then escalated things even further by claiming to have a video of Hiroyuki Nasukawa leaving a love hotel in Tokyo’s red light district.

Hiramoto posted some stills from the video although nothing was visible except for the entrance to the love hotel. He wants to use it as leverage to force the trainer to delete his tweet.

The kickboxer turned mixed martial artist directly threatened Nasukawa pointing out that,

“This is defamation, and if you don’t admit it and delete it, I’ll post your video.”

Huge audience

By sharing the tweet Hiramoto has helped draw a lot of attention to it. At the time of writing it has had 1.7 million views despite the Teppen Gym account having less than 8,000 followers.

Tenshin, who has a much bigger online platform than Hiramoto, has not got involved so far but must be aware that his father and sister are being insulted. We don’t know how this feud started but it is being played out in real time on Japanese social media in front of a huge online audience.