Nithima Attasophonwatthana, better known as Nattimus Prime, had some harsh words for Khabib Nurmagomedov. The former UFC lightweight champion recently described ring girls as ‘the most useless people in martial arts’.

That didn’t go down well with the Full Metal Dojo ring girl. Natt had the following message for Khabib,

“I know that he was a very good fighter and I respect him for that because I know I could not be as good as him as MMA. But our job is not easy and I don’t think he could do it as good as we do. So he should have some respect for us.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard in Thailand so fight fans have missed out on seeing Full Metal Dojo, which means they have missed out on seeing Natt too. Fortunately she is very active on Instagram and you can catch up with her latest exploits here.

What do you think? Would the undefeated fighter make a good ring girl? We are fairly sure the answer is ‘no’.