Supergirl Jaroonsakgym appears to have recovered from what must have been the biggest disappointment of her career. The teenager fell sick on the morning of her matchup with Cristina Morales at ONE Fight Night 16.

In the buildup to that fight much had been made of Supergirl’s transition from Muay Thai to modelling. She openly talked about potentially making a career in the latter industry.

The teenager has been fighting since she was a small child but the performance against Moraes must surely rank as one of her worst. If fans thought it might make her think twice about the modelling they were probably wrong.

She took to Instagram to share some private photos of herself posing in a hotel room:

Sudden illness

Supergirl has already explained what happened in the fight with Morales. She was ill and her team wanted her to pull out of at the very last minute but the 19 year old felt it was too late to cancel.

She fell ill suddenly on the morning of the fight and was clearly not at her best in the atomweight kickboxing contest. Supergirl eventually turned her back and refused to continue fighting.

She posted a detailed explanation on her Instagram account of the events that had transpired on the morning of the fight telling fans that,

“I felt faint and felt (like) throwing up. It was too late to cancel the fight because we worked so hard and I was so fit.”

Distant prospect

Before the fight Supergirl had talked about wanting to face Anissa Meksen, who she predicts will be crowned the atomweight kickboxing champion at ONE Friday Fights 46. That looks a distant prospect now and it is back to the drawing board for the teenager on her title quest.

Perhaps Supergirl will get credit for going ahead with the fight despite being unwell. Pulling out just minutes before the event would have potentially played havoc with the Amazon Prime broadcast schedule.

It was a setback for Supergirl but she is clearly not apologetic about her modelling ambitions. She will be back in the ring before too long and might be back on the catwalk even sooner.