Superlek Kiatmoo9 is a veteran of nearly 200 Muay Thai fights. But the two division Lumpinee champion has never competed under kickboxing rules.

That will all change at ONE: ‘A New Breed’ Part II next Friday and the 24 year old admits he has some concerns,

“I am a bit worried that I might make a mistake because ONE Championship has set the rules to kickboxing, and I have been fighting in Muay Thai,” he said.

Superlek has always been good with his elbows and strong in the clinch. But he won’t be able to utilize either weapon when he takes on Fahdi Khaled at the Impact Arena,

“I have studied the kickboxing rules, and I have tried to train under the kickboxing format, focusing on punches and leg kicks.”

Panpayak kicks Superlek 2

Heavy fists

Superlek has studied his opponent and says he knows what to expect,

“From what I have seen from his latest match, he has very heavy fists and kicks. He sometimes kicks at his opponent’s face, sometimes a leg kick (but) his weapons are diverse (and) his punches can fly at any moment.”

Kickboxing bouts are not normally fought at close quarters like Muay Thai fights but Superlek plans to close the range,

“The plan for this fight is to be up close because it’s three rounds. I have to be up close and attack frequently and precisely,” he said.

Panpayak kicks Superlek

Close range

It is clear from Superlek’s comments that he intends to put pressure on Khaled and the Thai believes his experience will be key,

“I will try to fight at close range, kick his legs and throw lots of punches. My experience will probably help. I’m better than him with the way I attack.”

Superlek is also well aware that he won’t be able to make a slow start, something that is standard practice in the stadiums in Bangkok. He is coming off a win over Panpayak Jitmangnon at ONE: ‘No Surrender’ but that was a Muay Thai bout.

The rules and regulations will be slightly different this time around but Superlek is determined to be the protagonist and put pressure on Khaled from start to finish,

“I do not want to take a step back. I want to be aggressive and attack constantly for those three rounds. In this fight, I will make it happen.”