The 2018 K-1 Lightweight World Grand Prix took place in Osaka last night. Kenta Hayashi emerged victorious, winning three fights in the space of a single night while Takeru Segawa cemented his status as the top kickboxer in the division by successfully defending his super featherweight belt.

Koji Sumeragich decided to slug it out with Takeru and paid the price. With 30 seconds remaining in the opening round he was clipped by a right hook and fell back onto the ropes with the referee giving him a ten count.

Takeru was finding a home for his right hand and started to really pick up the pace in the third round. After a series of solid head shots the referee stepped in and seemed to be waving off the fight, but instead elected to give Koji a standing ten count and allow him to continue.

He battled on bravely and even landed a glancing head kick later in the round but the champion consistently got the better of the exchanges, planting his feet and throwing full force punches which connected with unerring accuracy.

It made for a very entertaining fight and Koji managed to make it to the final bell but it was an easy decision for the judges with all three seeing the fight in favour of Tokeru who improves to 36-1. His opponent drops to 25-13

The other big winner on the night was Kenta Hayashi who won the K-1 Lightweight World Grand Prix. He needed a split decision to make it through his quarter final bout with Nicolas Gaffie but there was no controversy surrounding his wins in the next two rounds.

In the semi finals Hayashi walked Yuto Shinohara down, trapped him against the ropes and absolutely unloaded with punches for a first round finish. His strategy in the final was similar although this time it rook the best part of three rounds before a right hand ended Fumiya Osawa’s resistance.

K-1 Lightweight World Grand Prix, Osaka, December 8th
Takeru Segawa def. Koji Sumeragichi by Decision (Unanimous) (Defends Super Featherweight Title)
Kenta Hayashi def. Fumiya Osawa by KO (Punch) in 3 (Wins Lightweight Tournament)
Yoshiki Takei def. Yodbuadaeng Fairtex by Decision (Unanimous)
Masaaki Noiri def. Riki Matsuoka by KO (Punches) in R1
Rukiya Anpo def. Hideaki Yamazaki by KO (Head Kick) in R4
Fumiya Osawa def. Kyoshiro by KO (Punches) in R2
Kenta Hayashi def. Yuto Shinohara by KO (Punch) in R1
Taio Asahisa def. Riku Anpo by Decision (Unanimous)
Yuta Hayashi vs. Shuhei Kumura ends in a No Contest in R1
Fumiya Osawa def. Liu Wei by Decision (Split)
Kyoshiro def. Indigo Boyd by KO (Punch) in R3
Yuto Shinohara def. Gonnapar Weerasakreck by KO (Punch) in R1
Kenta Hayashi def. Nicolas Gaffie by Decision (Split)
Shinichiro Kawasaki def. Hisaki Higashimoto by Decision (Unanimous)
Tetsu def. Masafumu Kurasaki by Decision (Unanimous)
Seiya def. Koji Suzuki by Decision (Unanimous)
Aoshi draws with Yuto Kuroda via Decision (Majority)