Tenshin Nasukawa‘s final Rise fight will be against one of his teammates. The kickboxing star is set to take on Kazame on April 2nd.

With Tenshin set to take on Takeru in the biggest kickboxing match of the year a couple of months later this has all the makings of a tune up bout. Rise appear to have found him an opponent who should be very familiar, they both train at the Teppen Gym!

Kazame’s main claim to fame is winning the Rise <53kgs tournament last year. He will be moving up in weight for this bout which is set for 55kgs.

On paper this looks like a very winnable fight for Tenshin. He is taking on a teammate who is considerably lighter and significantly less experienced.

The bout with Takeru came together suddenly and somewhat expectedly at the tail end of 2021. This appointment was already in Tenshin’s diary by that stage.

But kickboxing fans will be hoping that he can come through this, admittedly not particularly tricky looking, assignment unscathed. Any injury to Tenshin would put the Takeru fight in jeapardy.