Tenshin Nasukawa is set to embark upon a career in professional boxing. The 24 year old has yet to make his debut but it looks like he could be heading to the US to train.

Tenshin is coming off a win over Takeru in one of the biggest kickboxing fights of all time. Both men received a seven figure pay day for that fight and, judging from this photo, it looks like he has started traveling first class.

Tenshin does not appear to have done much training since the fight with Takeru. But he is on his way to the US:

Switching code

While very few people in the US will have heard of Takeru everyone knows who Floyd Mayweather is. Tenshin had the misfortune to face the multiple time world champion in an exhibition match on his boxing debut.

While Tenshin was in tears after a brutal first round KO loss at the hands of Mayweather that fight won’t have done his bank balance any harm. Most boxers don’t get to fly first class before they have even made their pro debut.

But Tenshin is not most boxers. He was one of the best pound for pound kickboxers on the planet before deciding to switch codes and pursue a career inside the squared circle.


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New direction

There are plenty of places in Japan where Tenshin could hone his boxing skills. After all the country can boast Naoye Inoue, arguably the best boxer in the world, among its current crop of champions.

But the US has historically been the epicenter of the boxing world. The country hosts the biggest pay per view cards and has some of the most renowned camps.

Historically the best Asian fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire have travelled there to prepare for their biggest fights. It seems that Tenshin is making the same journey although it is not clear how long he will be staying for or how much training he will be doing.

Having already faced the best boxer of the century in an exhibition match it will be very interesting to see what direction Tenshin’s professional boxing career takes.