Teruto Ishihara likes to push the envelope. His love of women is well documented and the UFC veteran frequently shares footage of himself partying at strip clubs.

Ishihara probably isn’t popular with feminists and he won’t be flavour of the month with Christians either after his latest Instagram post. He shared a photo of himself smoking a joint that had been rolled with a bible page:

Holiday in Hawaii

Ishihara was on holiday in Hawaii with fellow UFC veterans Urjah Faber and BJ Penn. The former leapt to his defence when an Instagram user asked why the Japanese fighter had been using the bible instead of, say, a Rizla,

Faber explained that Ishihara was totally oblivious to the significance of the potentially provocative choice of rolling papers,

“Teru didn’t realize it until he made this post. BJ’s buddy handed that one to Teru.”

We don’t know the identity of BJ (Penn’s) buddy. But the joint seems fairly well constructed which suggests this isn’t the first time he has pulled off the stunt of using a bible page to smoke with.

Unhinged rant

It all seems a bit unnecessary. Rizla rolling papers are widely available in Hawaii and have actually been purpose made for smokers. By contrast bibles have definitely not been designed with the needs of the pot head in mind.

Bryce Mitchell definitely won’t be happy. The featherweight likes his bible so much he brought it into the octagon at UFC Vegas 79 before going on a slightly unhinged rant about how satan had caused the recent wildfires in Hawaii.

It sounds like Ishihara was not even aware of what the joint has been rolled with, let alone alert to the fact he might be contributing towards the destruction of the local ecology by aligning himself with satan.

Cannabis has been decriminalized in Hawaii so smoking a joint isn’t even breaking the law these days. Perhaps BJ Penn’s friend felt that legalization had made smoking a bit boring and he needed to spice it up.

Ishihara once declared that he wanted to be ‘a superhero and a sex symbol’. The Japanese fighter doesn’t seem to mind stoking a bit of controversy and his latest Instagram post is likely to do just that.